Fankful Fursday

Trying to talk after having a few teeth ripped out of your mouth is not easy. Sis2 has been making fun of me because I often sound like my 2 year old. I'm still fankful though. So today I am fankul for/that:
  1. It was spring for a few days. The local NRP weather man kept talking about spring fever warnings.

  2. I got to go outside and enjoy the warm spring weather and watch the snow banks melt away.

  3. Enough snow melted for me to see the daffodil, giant hyacinth, and tulip shoots poking up out of my flower beds.

  4. I got to take a layer of blanket off of the bed this week.

  5. I got to open windows to let in the warm spring air.

  6. Mom came to help take care of the kids and the house while I recovered.

  7. I can now see the floor in most of the rooms in the house.

  8. Watching Sophia play hide and seek with my mom underneath the display tables in JC Penney.

  9. The sight of Sophia with a on old pair of toddler swim shorts on her head asking, "How you like my new hat?"

  10. Laughter, even when it hurts.

  11. Sis1 and Sis2 are coming to visit this weekend.

  12. Ibuprofen, it dulls the pain a bit without making me woozy the way the vicodin did.

What are you fankful for?


  1. That I get to delay having my wisdom teeth out a few more months.


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