Organic Cod Dust Up Shows Problem With Environmentalism

The following illustrates one of the problems that I have with the environmentalist movement in its current incarnation.

Organic cod methods not 'horrific', says RSPCA

Farmers deny cod isn't "organic"

(The initial stories containing the accusations about organic cod farming, linked to here, have disappeared.)

Situation: Organic cod is raised in pens set in the ocean in the Shetlands. The fish farmers use lights to simulate near arctic summer light conditions and stave off maturation and subsequent aggressive behaviour of the cod.

Problem 1: Artificial light simulating natural conditions is not considered "organic" by some.

Problem 2: Without the light the cod mature before reaching optimum market size. They also become aggressive when mature which would lead to charges of animal cruelty against the fish farmers.

Option 1: Ditch the lights, keep the "organic" label, harvest the fish younger and smaller and accept the reduction in profits or lose some of the fish when they mature and get aggressive and accept the reduction in profit, and get in trouble with the animal cruelty people.

Option 2: Keep the lights, lose the "organic" label, and lose business because of loss of the "organic" label.

Option 3: Go out of business and make everyone (but the people who wanted to eat some fish) happy.

Some groups have had it in for cod farming from the very beginning. These same groups have done a good job of hamstringing the salmon farming industry.

Here we have two different camps holding the cod farmers over a barrel. The farmers are at the mercy of the organic police and the animal cruelty group. Although, to my mind, the animal cruelty people come off looking a lot more reasonable than the organic police. One word from either camp could ruin the farmers. You get the impression that they would have no problem doing so.

This all shows a disregard for those who try to make a living by feeding their fellow man. The current incarnation of the environmentalist movement seems to have no connection to realty. They know their pet cause. They know what they want every one else to stop doing. But they don't seem to know or care how their demands would effect the lives of the average Joe trying to provide for their families.

If environmentalists really want to capture the support of the general public they need to come up with some solutions to their perceived problems that aren't going to make us chose between the environment and our families and our abilities to provide for them.

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