Under the Knief

I'm not actually sure if any knives were involved since the oral surgeon and his staff kept their implements covered until I was fast asleep from my IV drip. I was curious to see the instruments but I was knocked before I could think to ask. In any case I am now short 4 wisdom teeth. The ones that came out whole are now sitting at the bottom of my bag. I am religiously taking the vicodin they gave me. I'm uncomfortable enough on it that I don't want to know what I would feel like if I let it completely wear off. It feels weird when it hits my blood stream though.

I've spent the the last nine hours cuddled up with ice packs while mom and hubby run the house. Well, it's really mom running the house and keeping the kids for swinging from the chandelier (figuratively speaking). I think hubby's been grading all day but I'm not sure. He was grading when I left him in the waiting room at the surgeons office.

Back to bed now.


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