Tales From The Crib

As I was securing Sophia in her car-seat earlier this week she felt the need to inform me, "Mommy I'm too evil to drive! I'm too evil to drive! I'm too evil to drive mommy!"
Trying not to laugh in her face I asked, "Uh, do you mean you're too little to drive?"
This is what I tell her whenever I find her sitting in the driver's seat happily playing with the steering wheel. "Yeah mommy. I'm too evil to drive."
I don't know how she got from "little" to "evil."

Yesterday she confessed to plotting world domination.
Me: "Do you want a snack?"
Sophia: "No!"
Me (relying the question asked by Sis2): "Are you plotting world domination?"
Sophia: "Yeah!"

Isaiah has been doing a lot more talking now that he has got a PECS binder at home to help facilitate him telling us what he wants. The other day I was really excited about his progress. I picked him up, gave him a big hug and kiss, and told him I loved. He responded with a big smile and, "I la la la la!" Sweet sweet progress!

Last night Ethan and I learned how to make Lebanese baklava called laouheh (not sure about that spelling) during a Middle Eastern cooking class at Ethan's school. Ethan tried to eat the first unbaked piece that we made. I told him we had to take it home and bake it before we could eat it. To which Ethan immediately responded, "Let's go home!" They only way I got him to stay was to offer him some of the already baked samples that the teacher had brought.


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