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I've added a few new blogs to my blogroll in case anyone is interested. They all deal with autism in one fashion or another. Commentary on current autism research, current autism controversies, living with autism, and raising children with autism is just some of what you will find on these blogs.

In the past I have avoided the online autism community like the plague. In part because of the prevalence of those who believe that vaccines somehow cause autism. Their near religious fervor in their belief and willingness to attack anyone who disagreed with them was always off putting. I also avoided the online autism community because it was very clear to me that there was an autism industry out there that was ready to prey on vulnerable parents searching for a way to help their much loved autistic children. There were, and still are, any number of websites offering miraculous "cure", and "recovery" for autistic children. It was all about as attractive to me as skunk spray. That's why I don't link to any of the "official" autism advocacy group websites either except for the local group that I just added this year.

This November will mark the end of the fourth year of my family's life post autism diagnosis. As that milestone approaches I have found myself increasingly unwilling to ceded any ground to those that I just described. Their voices have for too long framed the debate online and in public as well formed the public perception of autism. So I'm adding my voice to the fray and lifting up a few of those that have been in the mix all along.

Autism Diva
Autism Vox
Left Brain/Right Brain
NTs Are Weird

These few are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find much much more at the Autism Hub.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these blogs. I have a son who has autism and I find reading other peoples experience with autism helpful. I also found to be really helpful as well. Thank you again for sharing!


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