Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
  1. Progress! I was reading over all of the paperwork we've collected for the boys the over the past few years. They have both come a long way since their initial diagnoses.

  2. Isaiah came back. He decided to go for a walk the other day while I was out, by himself. He came back soaking wet, covered in those velcro like little green seeds, happy as all get out just as I had sent hubby in to call the police. Hubby thinks he climbed out of the living room window. I've thought for a while now that autism ought to be renamed MacGyver Syndrome.

  3. Sophia has a friend. They really really really like each other. A sample of their conversation yesterday,
    Friend: I have to use the potty!
    Sophia: I'll go with you!

  4. Hearing Sophia try to talk hubby out of changing her diaper (she had a diaper rash at the time). Hilarious!

  5. Isaiah has been imitating his teachers and classroom routines at home. We still can't understand anything he says while he does this. But his actions are clearly those of someone demonstrating something for someone else and he repeats the same sounds over and over again. They seem to hold meaning for him.

  6. I found a bird nest in my community garden plot. My activities haven't caused the bird to abandon her nest. I'm currently engaged in trying to identify it.

  7. I got some bird ID books and bird song ID CDs for my birthday. What fun!

  8. Ethan has discovered the existence of my new bird song CDs and is very interested. I know how we'll be spending much of his short (a little over a week) summer vacation.

What are you thankful for?


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