I Scream fo Ice Cream

I made ice cream at home today for the kids. What fun! The boys weren't too freaked out by the noise of the ice cream maker. It is an old electric model that some friends from church gave us and it is loud. I think next time I crank it up I'll have to put it out on the back porch because after two batches the noise had me on edge. I made lactose free blueberry ice cream with thawed berries for my first batch. For the second batch I threw in some homemade strawberry jam that a friend gave us. Yum.

Isaiah of course had to dunk something into the ice bath while I was cleaning up from the first batch. He went off looking for other trouble and didn't come back until the second batch came out of the ice bath...so he could try to play in the ice bath again. Ethan tried to eat the ice in the ice bath. We couldn't seem to convince him that salty ice water really isn't very good so I had to dump it into the skin rather quickly. Sophia was the only one who stayed clear of the ice bath and she got the first taste of the ice cream.

Once we eat our way through the first two batches I'm going to make some homemade mint ice cream. The stuff grows like a weed in the backyard and the community gardens. Once apple picking season starts I'll mix up batches of apple cinnamon basil and apple cardamom caramel ice cream.


  1. What fun! It reminds me of my childhood days with the ol hand churning ice cream maker. I should get one for our house I'm sure my son would enjoy that!


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