Queen of the Plumbing

All three of our toilets were out of commission today. None of the tanks would hold water. They had actually been that way for a few weeks but we had been keeping the water turned off until we needed to flush. Hey, it conserved a lot of water.

Anyway, with guests due to arrive on the doorstep in just few hours I couldn't procrastinate any longer. So I took apart the guts of all three toilets and took what I thought were the offending parts to the hardware store with me. I bought some parts that I thought would fit based on what I had with me. Then I rushed home to install them.

In about 10 minutes I had put the guts back in to all three toilets with no extra bits left over. As of this posting they all seem to be in good working order. Not an errant trickle from a tank can be heard. Yeah me! Something went right for once, after going wrong of course.


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