I got this photo from the Wikipedia entry on skunks. Someone or something keeps irritating the local neighbourhood skunk(s). There seems to be a thriving population in the woods on the steep end of the drumlin a couple of streets uphill from my backyard. The resultant stench is driving me nuts. Many a night in the last two and a half weeks I have had the pleasure of falling asleep with the aroma of skunk stuck to the roof of my nasal passages. On a bad night it almost feels like the smell is seeping into the underside of my brain. I try to tell myself that it doesn't smell all that bad but really, it does. I'd like to find whoever or whatever is bothering the skunk(s) and lock them all in a nice airtight room (with CO2 scrubbers to prolong the experience for all of course).

A few years ago we had what I called the summer of the skunk. Just about every night from about mid July until around the first hard frost there was skunk spray in the air. I think I even heard them knocking over trash cans in people's backyards. This isn't quite that bad, yet. There's still all of August and September to get through.


  1. Ah, the aroma of skunks. don't you just love it? Ew! We used to have one (my son named it Mr. Stinky) that would show up in our yard every single night. And it almost always meant going to sleep with that lingering stench in the air. I hope your skunk decides to move to another area soon.

  2. I think it was last spring that a skunk moved in under the front porch of a house on our street. You could smell it from a few blocks away. Eventually they got rid of it which was a relief because the house is on the most direct route to the park from our house.

    I think these guys are permanent residents of the neighbourhood so the best I can hope for is that they stay fat and happy.


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