Big Boy Teeth

Despite trying to prepare Ethan for the inevitable losing of his baby teeth for over a year he just had a total freak out episode when his first lose tooth started bleeding. He was in fine form wailing and flapping his hands in the bathroom. I've never seen him flap his hands that much before. The neighbours got an earful from him (courtesy of the open bathroom window) about how his wobbly tooth was bleeding in his mouth and I had to fix it. He may even have insisted that I go to the store and get a new because the old one was broken.

I had him rinse his mouth out with warm salt water which help put a stop to the screaming. He was still flapping his hands and looking really distraught after we had gotten the bleeding to stop. Hubby and I had to talk him down reminding him that we had been telling him all along that his baby teeth would fall out to make room for is big boy teeth. Once he finally calmed down enough to stop flapping his hands and stopped looking so distressed he started trying to push his tooth back in.

We eventually put Ethan back to bed and he was still trying to push his loose tooth back in. I figure all of his fiddling with it will speed up the whole process of the tooth falling out. Ethan may start school on Thursday short one tooth. I hope we don't have to go through this for the rest of them. The whole episode only took about ten minutes but it felt like an hour.


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