We've watched Prince of Egypt a lot this week. Sophia recently discovered it and keeps asking to watch it. Ethan likes it as well. Every time it starts he takes his shirt off and puts it on his head like the workers in the opening sequence. Then he starts stomping around the room like he's stomping mud in a mud pit. When the chariot race comes up he runs around and around the coffee table saying Moses' and Rameses' lines. He repeatedly rewinds the tape to watch the chariot scene until I stop him and make him watch the rest of the movie. Ethan and Sophia really like the falling into the well bit too. They both hide behind the couch waiting to be pulled out.

Every time hubby sees it he complains about the inaccuracies. I never expect biblical accuracy from secular entities, particularly the entertainment industry. It's still a good movie. (You can read the entire biblical account in Exodus if you're familiar with the story.)

Anyway, I've always liked the music in Prince of Egypt but lately it has really stuck with me. Not the uplifting songs from the end though. The darker music from the opening sequence "Deliver Us" and the plague sequence. I can't decide which I feel more like at the moment, the Hebrews toiling in slavery longing for deliverance or the Egyptians suffering through unexplained plagues (I'm assuming that the average Egyptian had no clue what was going on between Pharaoh and Moses at the time.)

Now that the kids' head lice is back I'm leaning towards feeling like a Hebrew suffering through the plagues alongside the Egyptians wondering what could possibly be next and how on earth it's supposed to lead to my deliverance. Sigh.

The other day I heard Sophia growl to no one in particular, "You're playing with the big boys now." This is a line from the big musical number to the Egyptian high priests.


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