"Now I have to grow a new one."

Ethan came downstairs a little while ago looking as if he couldn't decide if he should get upset or not. I watched him stand near the dinning room table looking puzzled and a little anxious. He kept sticking his fingers in his mouth. When I went over to check on him I heard him mumbling, "Now I have to grow a new one."

I guessed that he had lost another wobbly tooth. So I asked him where his tooth was. Then he started getting a bit upset and looked around on the floor for it. After a bit he told me that he had swallowed it. I don't know if he actually swallowed the tooth or not but he has no idea where it is and neither do I.

Thankfully Ethan is used to this now so all I had to do to calm him down was to tell him excitedly that now his body was going to grow a new one. Then I had him rinse his mouth out with salt water and I reminded him that he already had a new tooth coming in where his first tooth used to be. Two down, 18 to go.

After all of this Ethan went into the kitchen and requested pancakes and egg pie (quiche or any other egg dish that comes out of the oven) for dinner. I suppose losing teeth would make one partial to soft foods.


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