One Down, 19 to Go

Ethan lost his first tooth while I was out last night. According to hubby it was an uneventful happening. Ethan simply paused in his activity and said something along the lines of, "My wobbly tooth fell out." Neither Ethan nor hubby seem to know how the tooth fell out or where it ended up. They just know that it's not in Ethan's mouth any more. Ethan apparently got very upset that he didn't know where his tooth went. He started talking about going to the store to get a new one. Hubby short circuited his anxiety attack by presenting him with a copy of the Prince of Egypt sound track. (He woke up first thing this morning to blast the music on his radio.) So now I have to go looking for Ethan's tooth.


  1. When I was working with little kids I kept a jar of shark's teeth in my desk (picked them up on the beach in Florida). If a student couldn't find his or her tooth, I had a replacement - it worked too well, the shark's teeth were so popular that they were losing their teeth on purpose.

    If you'd like I can send you one...


  2. That's such a cute idea. I'm sure Ethan would love to get a shark's tooth. So far as long as no one mentions that his lost tooth is lost we can oh and ah over his new gap toothed smile as much as we like.

  3. I found a really good one in my little jar - if you want it email me your address ( ) and I'll mail it out tomorrow!

    I'm with post-high-school adults this year so we don't get many lost teeth...

  4. my little man is growing up so fast!!!.. sniff sniff... so of course you have to send pictures of the new smile...


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