Gore, U.N. Body Win Nobel Peace Prize

This bit of news woke me right up this morning. Al Gore gets to share the Noble Peace Prize? For all of his Inaccurate Truth? Un-freaking-believable! I'm speechless.


  1. global warming is just a symptom of the deep dodo caused by overpopulation. in and of itself, global warming is no big deal. what is the deal is that, human activity on this planet has caused biodiversity to be decimated. we be marcing toward monoculture. and you know what?? it's going to take a few thousands of years to right the ship. be glad you lived when you did.

  2. I had a similar reaction back on Mod-Blog. Gore is a fine person, and I like him better in his post-political persona. But giving him he Nobel Peace Prize is like giving the Nobel Prize in Physics to NBC the special effects in HEROES. Any link between the prize and the achievement is speculative at best.


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