Snow Day

Today is our first snow day of the school year. It seems that winter won't be going on holiday this time around. Sophia seems to be handling the boys invasion of her day time space well. The boys aren't really that concerned about missing a day of school either. I only managed to get Isaiah out to play in the snow with me this morning. Ethan and Sophia wanted to stay in and watch the Disney Channel.

There was a good 4 inches or so of snow on the front porch this morning and more than 6 inches everywhere else with more to come. I was up to my knees in snow in some places. I managed to clear the front steps and walkway and cut a path for the mail man before Isaiah decided he wanted to go back in.

Isaiah has thus far sampled my rising bread dough (more than once), figured out how to muscle his way past the bungee cords I tied to the pantry doors to curtail his constant pilfering of our stores, spelled his name for me, I've lost count of the number of times I've fished him out of the sink, and I'm getting plenty of exercise chasing him out of the pantry. All before 11:00 AM. I'm hoping hubby will come home soon and help me dig the van out (did I mention that we've got a new to us car) so I can get the kids out of the house for a few hours to maintain my sanity. We need to get some groceries anyway.

Sophia is currently pretending to paint the television. Ethan is building various things that I can't identify around the living room out of whatever he finds. I think he's built himself a pretend printer with some books and a chair and is pretending to print out some of the school work he's brought home recently. He's also randomly reciting dialogue from Finding Nemo. I have to keep explaining to him that the way Nemo's dad talks to Nemo and Dori through out most of the movie is not the way one should talk to friends and family (or anyone else for that matter).

I don't think I'm going to make much progress with making Christmas presents today.


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