Adventures in Parenting

I was trying to avoid it but I ended up in the ER with Isaiah today. The ER staff were all quite understanding when I told them what I suspected the problem was. They all smiled kindly each time I told our story. It's oh so common and they see it all the time but it was the first (and hopefully last) time I had ever had to deal with it. Isaiah has had a rather stubborn sinus infection for a few weeks now. Turns out that that sinus infection was being aided and abetted by some foreign body he had managed to get stuck up his left nostril. If I hadn't been so sick recently I probably would have noticed before now but Isaiah seems to have a very high tolerance for discomfort (unless you're trying to comb his hair or remove the foreign body that he's got stuck up his nose).

Anyway, it took myself and three members of the pediatric ER staff to hold him and fish the thing out of his nose. We're not sure exactly what it was but there was a lot more of it than I would have expected. I didn't think there was that much room in his head! A few weeks back Isaiah eviscerated a decorative pillow in his room. I'm guessing that he got some of the stuffing stuck in his nose.

The ER staff gave me plenty of time to get Isaiah calmed down afterwards. I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes rocky him in a rocking chair. The little trooper was able to calmly walk out of the ER (after screaming his head off during the procedure). I'm not on his list of favourite people right now, especially since I have to do follow up care with him at home, but I can live with that. He's not fond of lab coats, scrubs, or stethoscopes either. Other than that Isaiah's back to his usually self. Oh the many adventures of parenting.


  1. You and those kids, Little Sister! There's always room on my prayer list for you.

  2. I had the same thing, different "hole in the head".

    Amanda (age 4) had a hole in one eardrum and lots of wax in the other (would NOT let me touch it). The doctor decided to wait until she was in surgery to clean the ear; when he did, he found a stone!


  3. I come home from a day of slaving at the keyboard. Mrs. D.S. is on the telephone with urgent care, sounding very upset but trying to keep it under control so D.S. 2.0 would not be upset. I hear that he stuck something up is nose.

    D.S. 2.0 is rubbing his nose but not distraught.

    I start pushing down his nose from the bridge, and out comes out 2 or 3 corn kernels.

    After that, all we could really do was wait to smell anything strange to see if we got it all out.

    On ear wax, my daughter had to have tubes placed in her ears because she generated so much wax. On one doctor's visit, he pulled out enough wax that a ball the size of a medium sized finger nail was able to be created.


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