More Adventures in Parenting

Details may follow after a good night's sleep but for now, I suppose I should be thankful that we have yet to show up at the ER with one of those problems that gets you seen right away. It was Ethan this time and he spent about six and a half hours there today. He was ready to go home after the first two hours. Anyone who tried to talk to him was firmly told that he wanted to go home. By the end hubby and I were exhausted. Ethan was quite happy to go back to quoting from The Incredibles (which he got to see twice over the weekend and was still very excited about) once it was clear that he was actually leaving the ER, Isaiah had flashbacks of his visit and wouldn't let anyone in scrubs anywhere near him, and Sophia thought is was all a great adventure. Her voice echoed through the halls as she carried on her sometimes one-sided conversations with the rest of us. I think I'm shell shocked.


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