Thankful Thursday

With the kids home for the week and my folks here I almost forgot what day it is so before I go to bed, today I am thankful for/that:
  1. Isaiah properly pronounced the word "fish." Usually when he says it the entire word sounds like the /CH/ sound in Chanukah. He was a bit bemused by how excited we were at his utterance of the word.

  2. Sophia looking out an upstairs window to see if spring was here yet.

  3. Ethan had a nice conversation with the nurse who gave him his new cast on Monday. She asked him good questions (very few yes or no questions), waited for his answers, and was able to pick up on his soft replies.

  4. The grimy bright orange cast is gone, replaced by a so far not as grimy red cast.The orange cast was a bit rough on the eye.

  5. I saw Isaiah drag Ethan into his (Isaiah's) room so they could continue playing together. Isaiah still likes his quiet time away from his rowdy brother and sister but he's starting to enjoy their company in a more typical fashion complete with fighting for toys.

  6. Isaiah seems to be going through a developmental growth spurt that includes: walking down crowded hallways at school without running off, getting scared, or needing to hold an adult's had; being relatively quiet during the quiet times at church; attempting to sing along with everyone else during the worship time at church; following directions (such as sit down, stop, don't throw that book); asking for things with words; repeating lots of new words and phrases while signing and finger spelling.

  7. Yucky winter sicknesses seem to be mostly on the wane in our house.

  8. I found a new/old blog friend (actually hubby new where she was I just kept forgetting to ask or forgetting that he already told me).

What are you thankful for?


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