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Kansas, 1974

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Autism: A Question About Causes

Vaccine Fixation But Where’s the Education

No one can deny that it’s important to understand what causes autism. But the concerns about a vaccine-autism link have quite diverted the attention of the public, and of the autism community itself, from concerns about education, therapies, and services that autistic children and autistic adults need today and now, from an individualized, appropriate school program to employment to housing opportunities.

Neither the New York Times nor Time magazine, nor most of the media, has been giving sufficient attention to these issues and to the need for sufficient funding and trained teachers and staff. Is this because there is the assumption, the thought, the hope that—-if we can only pinpoint the cause of autism, no one will have to worry about special education, supported employment, and group homes and other supported living environments?
Emphasis added.

That's a mighty good question don't you think?

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