I Hate Day Light Savings Time Changes


Day light savings time (DTS) is a cruel joke played on parents with small children. Instead of having my usual 2.5 hours to get everyone ready for church I've now got 1.5 ours to strong arm 4 people into washing up and putting on clean clothing all at the same time. For the next few weeks I will be dragging myself, hubby, and my kids out of bed before any of us are ready thanks to this arbitrary messing with our internal clocks.

I'm not the only one who hates DTS, really hates DTS.

Update: Adding to my discontent is the sheet of ice holding the doors closed on the minivan.


  1. But at least they're waking up at 7:00 now instead of 6:00.

  2. Jeremy has a good point! Now will they continue that for more than a day?

    I hate the time change for the 1st day, and then I love it b/c I love coming home from work in the daylight!

  3. I think they get up with the sun rather than when they're just done sleeping, so it probably will continue a little bit, but it might move back until waking up with the sun will be too little sleep for the sun to wake them up.

    The fall is much harder on us, because the kids are suddenly waking up an hour earlier than they were, and when all the college students get an extra hour of sleep we end up with an hour less.

  4. Wait. How many kids do you two have?

  5. That depends on how you count. The IRS thinks it's three. Medicaid thinks it's four.

  6. Hey that 7:00 AM EDT still felt like 6:00 AM EST and it will tomorrow morning too.

    B, I include Jeremy in the count of how many people in need to get ready in the morning since I can't get dressed until I'm sure the kids are dressed and he's ready enough to keep an eye on them.

  7. Well, there is one other possibility, which would be to get dressed before anyone else gets dressed, when the kids are eating.

  8. 7:00 still feels like 6:00, but it feels like the 6:00 we (or at least I) have been getting up at for weeks.


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