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What did you say?

I've been writing down some of the more amusing things the kids have been saying lately. They often leave me speechless. Here they are in no particular order.


Sophia: Mommy it sound's like the human-midifier is making some noise.


Sophia: Mommy why are we waked up?
Me: What?
Sophia: Why are we waked up if it's not spring yet?


Me: Oh your feet are cold!
Sophia: Yes they are cold, I know that mommy.


Ethan (to Sophia): Don't touch it! I'm butching it. I'm butching the beef. (It was orange playdough and he was "butching" his "beef" with a spoon.)


Me (to Ethan standing on the back step without a coat with Isaiah right behind him also without a coat on a day when the predicted high temp was 20 degrees): Get back in here! Are you nuts?
Ethan: Yes, I am.

Note to self, do not ask rhetorical questions of children.


Sophia (upon discovering that the seed tray that the kids had effectively turned into a sensory table was gone from its usual spot): Oh man! How am I supposed to play in the dirt all day now?


Isaiah (usually 30 seconds to a minute after someone says goodbye to him, said in a soft sing song voice): Bye bye! See you later!
Sometimes he also remembers to wave.


Isaiah (singing during the singing part of our church service): Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Knees and toes.


Isaiah (while putting on his boots to go outside despite wearing only a sweatshirt and underwear): Shoes Isaiah.


Me: Are you eating my cinnamon stick?
Ethan: I'm smelling it too!


Isaiah: I AM THAT HERO! (in spoken and sign language!)


Ethan: Undamage it! (after being told by hubby that he had damaged a toy.)


Sophia: Mommy I have super baby powers!
Me: Super baby powers?
Sophia: Uh huh. Super baby powers in my purple pajamas!


  1. *LOLOL* Oh, you really capture the delight of childhood. . . I wish I had done better at journalling / blogging / remembering all the things my kids have said.

  2. Indulge me with one a got a chuckle of from my kids today:

    Child 1, upon seeing a word she did not know: What's 'physics'?

    Child 2: It's a kind of yogurt.


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