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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
  1. Bed time. It never seems to come soon enough.

  2. The people who give me a "hang in there" smile and give me a sympathetic pat on the shoulder whenever one of the kids is having a hard time at the store or where ever.

  3. Spring time bird song. I've identified a new species this year. We seem to have acquired a red bellied woodpecker in the trees in the backyard. There are other members of the woodpecker family about but this is the first that I've successfully identified by its call.

  4. Sophia gleefully pointing out every little bit of spring time colour she sees. She had a blast down in NYC this week which is about 2 weeks ahead of CNY in the season. Most of the flowering tress were at their peak there while things have yet to start here.

  5. "You can get him to do anything if you put it on that schedule of his!" Paraphrase of my mom marveling at how willing Isaiah was do something that appeared on his picture schedule. Especially when he would point to the picture of the bathtub, say "Bath time!" and then run off to get in the bathtub. He did this several times a day. Isaiah REALLY likes taking baths. I've got pictures of things like making the bed and doing dishes that I hope he is equally as excited about.

  6. Ethan and Isaiah "gardening" in grandma's backyard. This mostly consisted of digging a hole in a vegetable bed in my parents' backyard and then sitting in it.

  7. High temp in the 70s today and again tomorrow.

  8. An uneventful drive to and from NYC (despite the lipstick and eyeshadow incident on the way back).

What are you thankful for?


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