What did you say?

Here begins another collection of some of the things said in my household.

Sophia: [After giving Ethan half of the curtain rod she had brought downstairs.] Here, now we can kill each other.


Me: You're not going. It's just me and Ethan going to see the doctor to make his arm all better.
Sophia: Okay. Can I bring my backpack?


Sophia: What does it say?
Hubby: Adorable.
Sophia: Just like Dora the Explorer!

Sophia:I'm gonna make Isaiah dead! [Pulls a toy egg out of her purse.] With this!

Me: What?! Are you going to try to kill your brother with an egg?


Me:We don't kill people in this house!

Sophia: [Walks over to Isaiah standing in the window and throws the egg. Isaiah fails to notice this deadly assault.] That didn't work. Maybe we should eat the egg.

I don't know why she keeps trying to do away with her brothers.


Sophia: [Walks in the room and puts a book and a block next to me on the bed.] Mommy would you pay for my stuff?
[Reaches down the front of her dress and pulls out a sock from which she pulls one AAA battery, one quarter, one dime, and one penny.]

I had to pretend to scan her items and then accept payment for them. I only charged her a quarter which she took back when we were done with our transaction. Apparently these items were "purchased" to be part of a meal, including the money.


Sophia: Mommy! Let me go! I am the power of God! I have powers in my stick, it has oil in it!

We were on our way home from the park because it had started to rain. Sophia kept stopping to turn puddles into blood/tomato juice (ala Prince of Egypt and Veggie Tales: Moe and the Big Exit). I think some of the themes of the story of Moses may have gotten a bit garbled in her mind. I don't know where the bit about the oil came from.


Hubby: Are you silly?
Sophia: [Giggling] No, I'm not laughing.


Sophia has been watching a new Disney Channel show that teaches small American children how to mangle Chinese (Mandarin I think). The following exchange took place after an episode involving some drama about making dumplings. This is the short version of the conversation. I cut out all of the pleading leading up to my capitulation.

Sophia: Can you make some dumplings?
Me: I don't know how to make dumplings.
Sophia: Can you make some dumplings?
Me: I don't know how to make dumplings. Wait a minute we have dumplings in the freezer.
Hubby: [From the other room.] We have duck wings in the freezer?


Mr. John: You don't want any tuna ice cream?
Sophia: That is not right!


Ethan: [Struggling to get away from Sis2 at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.] Moms don't hold kids' hands!
Sis2: I'm not your mom.
Ethan: ...

Ethan remained quietly at Sis2's side for like 5 whole minutes while he contemplated his predicament.


That concludes this installment of "What did you say?" Stay tuned for future installments.


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