Counting the Cost

Increasingly more and more business owners and religious groups are up against the wall so to speak regarding their views on gay marriage (Gay Rights, Religious Liberties: A Three-Act Story). More often than not in court cases religious convictions with regard to this issue take a back seat to what are deemed to be gay rights.

With the recent California court decision striking down a ban on gay marriage going into effect (Gay Marriages Begin in California) more and more religious entities and individuals will find themselves caught in the conflict between their religious convictions and gay rights. This leads me to this question, should the current trend to put gay rights (how ever they are defined) before religious freedom continue are religious individuals and entities willing to suffer for their convictions? Is the business owner ready to loose their business rather than violate their religious convictions? Is the church ready to be beaten with whatever stick the government chooses to use when they maintain their biblical stance on gay marriage?

I'm not one to make any grand predictions about what will become of society if gay marriage becomes the norm. Sin is sin. It has been with us since the Fall and it will remain until the Second Coming. I don't see the point in claiming that the nation will be doomed for this particular sin versus the myriad other sins that abound. But I am mighty curious to see if people will stand by their convictions when the cost of doing so becomes dear.

Gay Rights Law Faces Legal, Religious Challenges
In Calif., Both Sides Gear Up for Gay Marriage Battle


  1. If God does not bring America to judgement, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomarrah.

  2. Can we avoid the trite slogans that are usually trotted out for this issue please? As I said in the post I'm not one to predict doom and gloom for the nation over this particular issue. This post is not an invitation for others to engage in selective judgment prediction. It is me wondering whether Christians will stand up for what they say they believe in.

    By the way, God doesn't need to apologize to anybody for anything. We, however, owe him apologies for quite a bit. Not the least of which is putting our words into his mouth.


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