Difference, Deviance, and Autism

There is something not right with a paradigm that ends up placing autism in the same vein as serial killers and NAMBLA. Kristina Chew of Autism Vox discusses an article by Stanley Fish that suggests just that, An Argument about “Difference” and “Deviance”. Hubby also discusses the problems with Fish's view, Stanley Fish on Autism.

Reading the comments on Fish's article gives the impression that some people seem to have a hard time understanding the concept of differentness with regard to autism. It seems that a number of "normal" people, including the parents of autistic individuals, have a hard time with the idea that autistic individuals might actually be comfortable with who they are. What these people fail to realise is that a good deal of what makes life difficult for autistic individuals is how the rest of society treats them.

If you consistently choose to describe a group of people in the most disparaging terms available to you then you become a part of their problem. In addition to an inability to understand those who do not see themselves as you see them you're going to compound the challenges already faced by the group that you insist is so disabled.


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