Just Why?

Why is it that the one solution to high gas prices that politicians are willing to put any effort into involves raising taxes? NY Assembly to consider tax on oil companies.

The tax payer is supposed to be comforted by claims from politicians that the taxes they levy on oil companies won't be passed on to consumers. Right. It is pretty evident to me from perusing the various bills that I have to pay every month that big whatever does not pay the taxes that governments levy on them. Their customers do. It has always been this way. All of this talk about taxing oil companies is just more Posturing Over Oil Prices.

Back in 2006 when I wrote the above post $3 a gallon was the highest we could conceive of paying for gas. Now that pretty much everybody in America is paying $4 a gallon at the pump for the "cheap" stuff we still have to put up with politicians stonewalling on things like increased drilling in currently off limit areas and increasing refinery capacity. Thanks a lot.


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