Scaremongering About Vaccines

I'm wondering how much the people who cooked up this sign (via Respectful Insolence) actually know about the process of manufacturing vaccines. I'm guessing not a whole lot.

This kind of thing is cooked up not to inform but to incite fear. What else would you do with a sign like this but try to scare people?

Autism is apparently the scariest thing that some people can imagine happening to a child and they have decided (against all evidence to the contrary) that vaccines are the cause. They've started a new "green our vaccines" movement to try to further their belief that vaccines cause autism. The above signs were to be trotted out for a "green our vaccines" rally in Washington DC yesterday.

I don't like repeating myself so I'm not going to say anything about the nonexistent causal relationship between vaccines and autism. But lots of others have been blogging about the "green our vaccines" movement.

  • The Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey rally to "Green Our Vaccines": Anti-vaccine, not "pro-safe vaccine"! (Where I found the above propaganda posters.)

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  • Green Our Vaccines "Removing antimicrobials from the production process would definitely Green Our Vaccines in the way I greened a piece of cheese that lay forgotten in my fridge." Having greened more than my fair share of cheese I really appreciated this particular observation.

  • There are plenty more blogs discussing the "green vaccines" thing. These are just the few that I have had the time to read in the last few days.


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