Thankful Thursday

I had to think really hard to remember what day it was this morning. I remembered that I had to pack an extra bag lunch for a field trip. I remembered that today would be cool enough for me to do some yard work. But the name of the day was not readily forth coming. Eventually I did remember so today I am thankful for/that:
  1. I remembered what day it is.

  2. The full tube of over the counter antibiotic ointment in the medicine cabinet. I had to doctor up all three kids last night and that stuff came in real handy. None if them are very good patients.

  3. "I asked Isaiah if he wanted me to push him in the swing and he said no! That's good!" Reported by one of Isaiah's classmates at the park after school yesterday.

  4. The heat finally broke. I was prepared to deal with that kind of heat in August. Not so much at the beginning of June.

  5. Garden fresh peas. They'll be ready to harvest in another week or so.

  6. I've got my computer back. I lost all of my email and music files but the important stuff was saved.

  7. Wide open green spaces for the kids to run in.

  8. We get a vacation time this year! I'm so excited!

A few late additions.
  1. To keep Ethan and Sophia out of my hair while I made dinner I sent them outside to pick some chives. They each came back with a handful of chives.

  2. Ethan resisted licking the spoon when I gave him the task of stirring the strawberries to go with the waffles we had for dinner.

  3. Isaiah patiently watched me cook, kept his hands out of the waffle batter, and he didn't burn himself with his waffle-napping escapades.

  4. Making dinner with the kids helping when their help is actually helpful.

What are you thankful for?


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