I'm a "Far Left Stalinist"

According to Michael Savage that is.
Radio host Michael Savage incites protests with autism comments
WOR said they couldn't be held responsible for what Savage says because he is a syndicated host broadcasting out of San Francisco. "We regret any consternation that his remarks may have caused to our listeners," the station said.

On the air last night, Savage said his comments were "ripped out of context" by "far left Stalinists."

He said he was talking about kids who were "misdiagnosed," but repeated his contention that most children who are called autistic aren't really sick.

The comments on the article are just lovely. So are the comments on a lot of other post and articles I've read. Apparently the opinion that autistic kids (no one seems to realise yet that those kids you know, grow up) are just rotten kids with rotten parents is pretty popular. Lovely. So much for autism awareness. It seems that most people would rather autism, and autistic individuals not exist, so they comfort themselves with the delusion that it is all faked, bratty kids (again ignoring the fact that autistic kids grow up to be autistic adults), a result of bad parenting (apparently this means not heaping enough verbal and physical abuse upon your kids), an over zealous medical establishment looking to make money off of gullible people (there are people making lots of money off of autism but they're not your family doctor, pediatrician, or big bad pharmaceutical companies), a ploy to get goodies from the government (I wish they'd let me in on the secret), or some combination there of.

Savage autism.
Savage's Comments Infuriate Autism Community
Michael Savage, autism comment

It's interesting how some people would rather take pot shots at liberals and conservatives than actually discuss the substance, or lack thereof, of Savage's remarks as is happening in the comments on this post, This is why Michael Savage is the most hated conservative in America. There are also a few over/mis-diagnosis, bad kids, bad parents comments thrown in for good measure. I wonder if any of these people know what's involved in actually getting a diagnosis of autism.

People who have more intimate experience with autism, as in being autistic and/or caring for autistic individuals, have their own opinions on the matter.

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Micheal Savage - bottom lip trembling
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