Manhood According to a 3.5 Year Old

Sophia wondered into the room where hubby and I were half listening to NPR while we worked. Some reporters were discussing Barack Obama (it could have been this story or this one), Jesse Jackson's recent comments, Obama's address to the NAACP, and maybe the recent New Yorker magazine cover (see cover and commentary here). The following exchange took place.

Sophia: What's a rockobama?
Me: [Briefly exchanging a "where is this going to go" look with hubby and trying really hard not to laugh.] Barack Obama is a man.
Sophia: What's a man?
Me: [Never does she go for the easy questions.] It's what your daddy is and what your brothers will grow up to be.

Then followed a somewhat convoluted monologue by her about who can be "mans". I think it was something along the lines of, "Only daddies can be mans but boys can't be daddies." I found it particularly amusing given what was actually being discussed on the radio at the time. She maybe young but she seems to have grasped something that a lot of adults have yet to learn, men take care of their kids.


  1. that's my girl.. that is a quote for the ages.. out of the mouths of babes...

  2. WOW....thas simone's mini me.


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