What did you say?

Here's the latest installment of some of the sayings in our house. Everyone has been so chatty lately that I didn't even capture a fraction of some of the interesting stuff said. Hubby recorded some comments and conversations on his blog.


Sophia: [Leaping out of the pantry at me.] I'm a monster!
Me: Okay. Would you like a taco?
Sophia: No thanks. Monsters don't eat tacos. They eat kitty cat vitamins.


Sophia: [Brandishing a squirt gun.] I'm a squirter! I'm a squirter! I'll squirt everything in the house!

I bought a multi-pack of squirt guns for the kids. They enjoyed them way too much the first few times I let them play with them. They eventually calmed down though. Especially after Ethan spent an anxious night worrying about if his CD player would work again after he shot it with his squirt gun.


Me: You'll get a turn when your brother is done.
Sophia: What's a turn?
Me: ...
Sophia: A turn is when you get a screw and a screwdriver and turn it with the screwdriver. That's a turn. If you don't cry you get a turn.

Well I'm glad she managed to answer her own question to her own satisfaction.


Ethan: [Standing next to the pump as Hubby gases up the car.] You want a piece of me?!
Sophia: [Standing next to Ethan.] Yeah, you want a piece of me too?!

Ah sibling unity. I'm sure Sophia would have happily done damage to Ethan's antagonsit had there actually been one.


Sophia: Why is your butt big?
Me: Because all of me is bigger than you.
Sophia: My butt's not big. It's little see. [Turns around to show me her bottom.]
Me: ...
Sophia: Ethan and Isaiah are half.

I don't know what that last bit was supposed to mean but that is what she said.


Sophia: [Through the closed bathroom door.] Mommy what are you doing?
Me: I'm using the bathroom.
Sophia: Why?
Me: ...

I was thinking, do I really need to explain metabolic processes to a three year old through the bathroom door? Nope. Thankfully she quickly lost interest in her line of questioning.


Ethan: [Sung while eating the grapes I had set out for after school snack.] We are the grapes of Wrath! We never take a bath!


Sophia: [After seeing the first few minutes of a new SciFi channel show not to her liking.] Daddy can we watch Dr. Who?
Hubby: Okay. [Puts in a tale of the third Doctor.]
Sophia: Daddy what kind of Dr. Who is this?

We're raising up a new generation of scifi geeks in our house.


On vacation in NH.

Me: Here put this in.[Hands hubby a DVD.]
Hubby: I don't know how to do that here.
Me: Well ask someone how.
Hubby: Ethan! How do you work the DVD player here?


Sophia: What's a person?
Me: ...

I should have said, "Go ask your father. That's his line of work."


Stay tunned for next time!


  1. LOL! Better than the old Linkletter show ( *that* dates me)


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