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Words Have Consequences

Top Radio Host Shifts Blame as Advertiser, Radio Network Drop Show
In response to Savage's remarks, the insurance company AFLAC announced it will no longer sponsor Savage's program, while the seven-station Super Talk Mississippi radio network has decided to drop Savage's program from its lineup.

"Savage can try to obfuscate matters all he wants, but the fact remains -- his words are his words, and they were clearly directed at children with autism," Palmer said. "Instead of trying to shift blame, he ought to do what's right and apologize to the millions of autistic children, their families, and others he insulted."

Parents call for Savage to be fired over autism rant professor Nate Persily cautioned, "The Constitution protects your right to be a jerk sometimes. ... Jerky speech is protected."

Mr. Savage is indeed free to say whatever he wishes about pretty much anything. The rest of us are equally free to judge him based on what he says and to speak our own minds with regards to his remarks.

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  1. Savage is a cynic - always.

    I even generally like him because he refuses to "make nice" with either political party - he dislikes them both equally.

    however I heard this and read the transcript and thought "oh, no, no, no. PLEASE don't be saying that"

    "Instead of trying to shift blame, he ought to do what's right and apologize to the millions of autistic children, their families, and others he insulted."

    I think those stations should return his show to the air. Right after he spends six months volunteering (DAILY) at Pacific Autism Center or The Morgan Autism Center.

    While I have worked with a few kids who have autism that was certainly aggravated by poor parenting (one didn't like using the toilet so his mom let him go outdoors all summer and another with an older very-low-functioning sibling who was being treated like his sibling and learning the behaviors...- sorry I'm rambling - another who was labeled "autistic" because of poor communication skills, but when you meet their mother you can pretty much tell that she's as impaired as they are and they were never taught to be "normal"- these boys lived on our street...), those are the exceptions.

    I do think that if they widen the criteria, we will see more autism cases that are not "autism", (but some other disorder) there may be more opinions like Savages.

    Especially in the Bay Area! San Jose - just over the "bump" from San Francisco - they have four times the national average of autism diagnosis. I know that you do not think that mercury has anything to do with autism. I think that in some cases there might be a connection. San Jose was home to the second largest mercury mine in the world (I have a chunk of cinnabar sitting on my desk)...and you cannot catch and eat fish because of the mercury. Savage is close to that area.

    Anyway...I think I might "smell" a big post of my own. What Savage said was stupid, unfair, and uninformed. He is the "Howard Stern" of "conservative" talk radio, but that is no excuse for what he said.

  2. I've noticed that a lot of people have anecdotal stories about parents of autistic children who they thought weren't very good parents. Whether you're a parent of autistic individuals or an autistic parent or both you really can't win.

    The fact remains that Savage and those who would agree with him have zero evidence to back up their claims and assertions. I'm not going to shed tears over him suffering the consequences of his words. Not when my family and countless others will also suffer the consequences of his words.

    As to mercury and autism we'll just have to agree to disagree but the fact remains that the effect that mercury has on the human body does not at all resemble autism.

  3. Oh! please don't think that I suspect that autism is caused by bad parenting - not at all!

    Of the dozens of AI kids I've worked with I can think of 4 (certainly autistic) children with behavior issues that were not helped by parenting issues as well.

    These kids just don't need that double whammy.


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