Hazards of Motherhood

Sophia sneezed on me four times on Sunday. Then Ethan sneezed twice. By bedtime on Sunday Ethan had developed the sniffles. He's been sniffly the last few days and coughing on occasion. Sophia and Isaiah have so far not been afflicted. Hubby is almost always congested so there's no telling what's up with him. I have been nursing a stuffy nose and headache for the last couple of hours. I've never had to go through labour and delivery with a head cold before. Should be interesting, not.

Update: 8/14/08 As of about 4:00 AM Sophia has a cough and stuffy nose (despite denying it when questioned about it in the daylight hours). Isaiah was coughing a bit as he was getting dressed for school. Now we're all sick!


  1. So Jeremy is congested a lot, too. I wonder if it's a Pierce trait...


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