What did you say?

The latest installment of some of things hubby and I have heard the kids say recently.

Isaiah: Read this.

After I failed to read the entirety of the title page of Dr. Suess' Ten Apples Up On Top before bedtime one evening.


Sophia: [Brandishing the saw from a toy tool belt at Isaiah.] Don't mess with my room or I'll cut you.
Me: [To hubby.] Did she just threaten to cut someone?
Hubby: [Giving me an of course she did look.] Yes.
Me: ....

Sophia followed Isaiah out of her room matter of factly explaining that she would cut him with the saw if he did anything to her room. She, of course, is to have free reign of Isaiah and Ethan's room.


Sophia: Mommy I want to watch Alton Down Brown!

In addition to raising a new generation of scifi geeks we're also raising a new generation of foodies. She means of course Alton Brown of Good Eats fame (check out the wiki). She was immediately transfixed the first time she saw him on TV a few months ago wanting to know who that silly man was and what he was doing. Now that we've got a DVR she and I can watch as often as we want. I have to read all of the text that pops up on the screen for her. I'm trying to get the boys hooked as well. Ethan was humming the theme song the other day. I don't know if Isaiah has sat still long enough to absorb anything yet. Sophia also likes Feasting on Asphalt declaring before she had learned Mr. Brown's name, "I want to watch the silly man on the motorcycle!"


Me: You need to go to bed.
Sophia: [Complete deadpan.] What.
Me: You need to go to bed.
Sophia: [Still deadpan.] Why?


Ethan: I was wild and I didn't know how to get unwild.
Me: Oh.
Ethan: Maybe a tool will help me to get unwild. An unwild tool.

We talked a bit about his day at school. I learned that he went to an assembly on fire safety in the morning.

Ethan: That will make me unwild.
MeWhat will?
Ethan: This. [Holds up a hair brush.]

So he brushed his own hair and we talked a bit more. He seemed genuinely satisfied that the hair brush made him "unwild." If this wasn't a one time quirk I may have him carry around an emergency hair brush.


Isaiah: [Singing while making one of his stuffed toys dance.] We found him! We found him! La la la la! Our journey to Ernie is done!

This would have been a lot cuter if he hadn't been sitting right next to my head at 5:30 in the morning doing it.


Ethan: [Groggily, upon waking at 11:00 PM to find Sophia in Isaiah's bed (Isaiah is on the floor).] My room has turned in to Sophia's room!

Hubby had to point out that he was in fact still in his own room at which point he made the following request.

Ethan: I want my brother back.

Hubby then had to point out the spot on the floor where Isaiah was blissfully cuddled in his sheet and a bunch of stuffed toys. Apparently this satisfied Ethan because he went back to sleep with no fuss.



  1. I take full responsibility for "I'll cut you" ha... that is so my girl... ha ha ha ha ha... and she starts school in September!?!?!? Auntie Sanchi (I'm on the phone with her right now actually)said you betta check her bag before she leave the house for school, can't have her threating people with plastic saws at school.


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