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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What happens when parents don't vaccinate their kids?

After this experience this is rather unwelcome news, Mumps Outbreak in Vancouver. There are more details and commentary on the story here.

The resurgence of diseases that were previously controlled by vaccination could make one consider questioning people about the vaccination status of their children. If we were more social types I might consider it. But it raises the question of, Mixing unvaccinated children with vaccinated children: Whose rights prevail?. For my part I'd really rather not run the risk of having an unvaccinated individual pass something on to my newborn or to one of the older kids who's vaccines didn't quite take. But how many people say, hey just in case you're immune-compromised or something, we don't vaccinate our kids? This response from the comment thread has a certain amount of appeal:
Personally I solve the problem very simply. Simple scenarios.
Me: Do you vaccinate you children?
Parent: UM, why?
Me: Out!

2) Me: Do you vaccinate you children?
Parent: No
Me: Why?
Parent: AutoImmune.
Me: Ok everyone else is so you should be safe, any peanut allergies or some such? Have fun just no : list know allergies of group. Oh here are the Anti-bac wipes.

3) Me: Do you vaccinate you children?
Parent: Yup.
Me: Have fun just no : list know allergies of group.

4)Me: Do you vaccinate you children?
Parent: No.
Me: Why?
Parent: Well I'm afraid of (insert crazy delusions here)
Me: Out! I don't want my child to pick up a case of the crazy.

These 4 simple options cover all possible scenarios.

The price of freedom is the risk of stupidity.

Posted by: vlad | August 27, 2008 4:32 PM

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