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I wasn't planning on staying up for the convention but the baby intervened. Since she refused to sleep I'm still up and watching. I caught some of Michael Steele's speech, "Drill Baby! Drill Baby!" Yes please! I also caught most of Romeny's speech, not bad. Now I'm listening to Huckabee. It was worth losing sleep to hear Huckabee drop a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure reference with regard to Obama's trip to Europe and the comment about Palin getting more votes running for mayor of Wasilla than Biden got running for president.

10:09 PM EDT
Oh Giuliani is being rough on Obama. He's got the crowd chanting, "Zero! Zero! Zero!" with regard to Obama's experience. That whole voting present business will be hard to dodge. "Change is not a destination just as hope is not a strategy." Ouch.

10:20 PM EDT
"If I were Biden I'd get that VP thing in writing!" Oh Giuliani is merciless!

10:27 PM EDT
That whole business about questioning whether Palin should be running for office instead of staying home with her kids is really going to bite Democrats in the butt judging by the crowd's reactions to Giuliani's comments on the matter.

All in all I'd say that Giuliani really savaged Obama in his speech.

10:39 PM EDT
Palin promises a friend and advocate in the White House for special needs children and their families. Lord knows we could use one.

10:43 PM EDT
The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? The lipstick she says. I guess she's showing a bit of the pit bull side tonight.

10:56 PM EDT
Palin breaking on Obama. "Turn back the waters and heal the planet." My goodness, this is going to be an interesting campaign with Palin in the mix.

How is America going to be better off with an added tax burden on the economy, she asks. How indeed?

11:09 PM EDT
There you have it folks. Palin's not running from whatever fight that the Democrats want to bring. How long is this standing ovation going to go? Was McCain supposed to show up tonight?

11:17 PM EDT
Cute kid moment of the night: Palin's youngest daughter fixing her little brother's hair in time honoured fashion, a bit of spit on the palm of her hand. Sophia would do that to Jewel in a heart beat.

Got this over at Michell Malkin's site. Now I need to get some sleep before the baby wakes up again (of course she fell asleep shortly after I gave up on getting any sleep).

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