What did you say?

This installment has been a bit over due but I've been busy ya know. Anyway, here are a few things heard in the house since early August.

Ethan: [Curled up in a blanket on a hot summer evening.] Do not distrub.
Me: I think you mean disturb.


Hubby recorded this exchange:
Context: I was trying to get information out of Ethan about the song he was playing on the organ, and I eventually got out of him that it wasn't something he sang at school but was the dance practice song from Mickey Mouse. I asked him something else (I can't remember what), and he was his often-unresponsive self. Sophia chimed in, "Daddy, he doesn't hear you. You should talk to me about it."


Sophia: Daddy! I'm busy!
Said as hubby plucked her off of Ethan who she was using as a trampoline. He was a willing trampoline but we had to stop her on principal.


This exchange took place while I nursed Jewel.

Ethan: She's eating your skin!
Me: No she's drinking milk.
Ethan: Is it chocolate milk?
Me: No.
Ethan: Cocoa?
Me: Nope.
Ethan: Regular milk?
Me: Yup.


Isaiah: No way!

Can't remember what exactly was said to illicit this response but it was great comedic timing on Isaiah's part. He knew it too because he ran off with a big grin on his face. We spent several minutes laughing about it.


While at the dinning room table watching Ethan do his homework tonight:

Sophia: My butt burped.


Stay tuned the kids say funny stuff all the time.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh out loud today.

  2. Hope you weren't drinking any milk at the time.

  3. No, I wasn't. But once I laughed really hard while drinking a milk shake. That hurt.


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