Presumed White Southern Racist Votes, Updated

With a self identified black man having won the Presidency of the United States one would think that we would stop hearing about how racist America is. One would be wrong, at least according to Bill Moyers. In an interview with Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air Moyers claims that whites in the south who didn't vote for Obama did so because of racist beliefs. I waited in vain for the host of the show to challenge Mr. Moyers on his speculation about the motives of southern white McCain voters. Diane Rhem would never have let him get away with saying something so outrageous.

As I sat in the car getting all indignant on the behalf of fellow McCain voters I thought, so this racist stereotype of the south is what post racial means? I also thought, what he couldn't think of ANY reasons other than racism why someone wouldn't vote for Obama? Finally I thought, what would he make of me a black woman who didn't vote for Obama and never entertained any fantasies of doing so?

As Baldilocks points out, some people just don't know how to win gracefully. For any who are confused on why anyone would have chosen not to vote for Obama Baldilocks offers For the Progeny.

Lest you think Mr.Moyers is alone in his stereotyping of McCain voters consider this (hat tip Instapundit),
The South’s McCain Voters are Racists …

They are also uneducated, out of step with the rest of the country, to be pitied, isolated, suffering in the area of “jobs, education and development”, ideologically aligned with the old Confederacy, at odds with the values of the rest of the country, and are getting what they deserve because they won’t “… get with the right program.” Hat tip to Dan Cleary for making sure I was aware of this.

Or you could ask Dwight Lewis at The Tennessean. Lewis learned all this in a phone interview with “… David A. Bositis, senior political analyst for the Washington-based Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies …” He felt it true and significant enough to share it with all of us. The Tennessean evidently agreed with him. Why publish his lunacy otherwise?

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  1. Explain to me why then the south was the only region that went for McCain? I am a white woman, but when a white woman I know retired with her husband to a small town in Tennessee and told me how racist her town is I couldn't believe it. They still call blacks the "n" word and call where they live "n hill".
    No, the south is disgusting and I am ashamed of the bitter, racist, ignorant McCain supporters we saw on tv. I can't wait to see them react on 1/20/09 when President Elect Obama takes the oath of office and that beautiful family moves into the White House. I hope the south explodes and shows the world who they are and always will be. It is such a delight to know that the white south must be in total denial about reality.

  2. Hello Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. Are you implying with your comment that you can't think of any reasons, other than your assumption that they are all racists, why a region of the country that is conservative and consistently votes for the Republican candidate did so this time around?

    "No, the south is disgusting and I am ashamed of the bitter, racist, ignorant McCain supporters we saw on tv."

    That's an interesting thing for you to say given that the majority of America's black population lives and thrives in the south. Do you always believe everything you see on television?

    Anyway, if you really want to know why conservatives/Republicans vote for conservative/Republican candidates I suggest you follow the link to Baldilocks entitled "For the Progeny."

  3. @Anonymous

    This is Blue Collar Muse, one of the bloggers cited above.

    It may very well be that you have a friend in Tennessee that lives in the situation you describe. We'll never really know since you don't provide information to make dialogue possible.

    But the truth is, per your statement, you don't live in Tennessee. Your friend does. Therefore, you have no first hand knowledge of what the South is like.

    For 26 years I lived in Northern Illinois, just south of Chicago. For the last 26 years I've lived in Tennessee. In all that time, I've met as many racists here as I knew in Illinois. Total number is "very few".

    So, my reality and first hand experience trumps your hearsay. Here's a bit more reality for you.

    When it comes to supporting Civil Rights, look at the voting records in congressional archives. It was Republicans like Bob Dole who supported Civil Rights. Democrats like Al Gore, Sr were the ones who fought it.

    With that fact in evidence, perhaps your friend really is correct. Maybe she just failed to mention she lived in a heavily Democratic town ...

    Reality ... what a concept. But it's the way we roll here in the South.


  4. Moyers is a joke. Or maybe just damaged from all the horrible things he witnessed way back when. I would bet the bank that if Condi Rice was somehow on the ballot the south would vote for her. Or if Obama was a pro-life conservative they would have voted for him. Bobby Jindal is the governor of LA for Pete's sake - as south as you can go. No it's not race. Remember the south has more kids in the military right now fighting in 2 wars. I think it's more about that than anything.

    Jack in Texas

  5. Looking at maps of the country by county, there's a lot of red: I think it's maps of electoral votes that portray that the south went for McCain.

    While I don't deny the presence of racism in some places in the south, the idea that anyone who withheld a vote for Barack Obama due to race is simply an ad hominem fallacy, an attack on the person instead of hers or his reasoning. The liberal illuminati are delusional to think that intelligent, educated people are left-wing, and poor, uneducated hicks vote Republican.

    How absurd.


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