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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nickle and Dime

Gov Paterson's proposed budget

You know, I could deal with the budget cuts, the cuts in funding to the services we use for the boys, to education and the health insurance programs. I could deal with the trimming of the fat in government. But the nickle and diming of New Yorkers with new and increase fees and taxes is a bit much.
Gov. David Paterson unveils dire New York State budget that includes new taxes, layoffs and cuts

Additional items the state is considering raising fees and taxes on:

  • An "iPod tax" that charges state and local sales tax for "digitally delivered entertainment services" - in other words, that new Beyonce song you download.
  • State sales tax at movie theaters, sporting events, taxis, buses, limousines and cable and satellite TV and radio.
  • Costlier driving with the repeal of the 8-cents-per-gallon sales tax cap on motor and diesel motor fuel, plus and increase in the auto rental tax.
  • Tuition increases at SUNY and CUNY, $620 and $600 a year respectively.
  • A 50 cent tax on cigars. The current tax is equal to 37% of the wholesale price, or 34 cents a cigar.
  • No more sales tax break on clothes and shoes worth $110 or less, except during two weeks a year.
  • Higher taxes on wine, beer and flavored malt beverages. He would also impose an 18% tax on non-nutritional drinks like soda.
  • The rich would pay more for luxury items through an additional 5% tax imposed on cars costing more than $60,000, aircraft costing more than $500,000, yachts costing at least $200,000 and jewelry and furs costing in excess of $20,000.
  • In addition, a host of a fees, including those related to motor vehicle licensing and registration, parks and auto insurance, would go up, as would various state-imposed fines.

So the necessities are going to cost more due to government action and the little things that we use to make life a little more bearable are going to cost more due to government action. If that's not a money grab I don't know what is. State politicians would be wise to ease up off of New Yorkers, rich and poor. Sooner or later we're going to revolt, I hope.

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