What did you say?

Things over heard in our house in the last few months.


Me: No touching the walls!
Ethan: I won't!
Auntie 1: Stop touching the wall!
Ethan: I'm not touching the wall. I'm painting the wall.

With reasoning like that he has a bright future, perhaps in treaty negotiations at the UN.


Sophia: There's no ham on this burger. Just two big pickles.


Sophia: Why are you smiling at me?
Me: You're a cutie pie.
Sophia: I'm not a cutie pie! I'm not even a pie. I'm a girl.


Me: Are you just giving these to me so you can get some more?
Sophia: Yes.

At least she's honest about her bribery.


Sophia: Mommy remember what God told you to do. God told you to put two kinds of icing on it.

We need to work on her understanding of theology a bit.

Isaiah: [After hubby picks him up.] You hands are cold!

Hubby reports that Isaiah said this with appropriate cadence and inflection. Every time hubby repeated this story Isaiah got a what-are-you-all-so-excited-about grin on his face.


Sophia: Holy macro Ethan! Cover your cough!

This was one of those moments where you calmly ask for the statement to be repeated before you go find a secluded corner to bust a gut laughing. She was so very serious when she said it.


Stay tuned for more kid sayings.Isaiah will be getting a Dynavox communication device soon. Things will surely be interesting as we all learn how to work with it.


  1. your children seem to have a fairly decent grasp on the ideas of semantics


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