Monday Morning Minutes

Well it's afternoon now but I like the alliteration in the title so I'm leaving it as is.
  1. Did you know that you can essentially sprain the ligaments that hold your teeth in place? I do now thanks to Ethan. He and Isaiah had some sort of collision that left Isaiah unscathed but Ethan was very much afraid that he had knocked his permanent teeth loose. After consulting with our family doctor's office we hauled him off to the ER. There we learned that while he would be sore for a few days his permanent teeth were in no jeopardy. We'll set something up with his regular dentist just to be sure though.

  2. Having to haul your kid (Isaiah in this case) on a one hour 45 minute journey, ONE WAY, just to get his teeth X-rayed and cleaned because no dentist in your major metro area will sedate kids with disabilities who are super anxious about going to the dentist STINKS. BIG TIME. It's either that or wait till some life threatening situation arises and then we can take him to the hospital. Looks like I'm road tripping to Rochester which is apparently the only city in this part of the state with a dental practice that will sedate kids if they need it.

  3. Has Roland Burris resigned from the Senate yet? Apparently not. I hope his pride and reputation are worth whatever it is he thinks he can get by remaining in the Senate as the man who tried to buy his position from former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich Blagojevich was cut loose with break neck speed over this. Why was Burris seated in the first place and why is everyone trying to be so delicate about kicking this shady character to the curb?

  4. Barbie is old. Some people think this is important. Some people think Barbie is evil because she messes with little girls' heads. Is it really the doll that does this or what people say about the doll/little girls/women in general? Personally, my dolls were just play things. I never thought I needed to look like or be like them. They were who and what I said they were not the other way around. Besides, who needed Barbie when you had siblings who were happy to pretend to be part of CHiPs with you and a nice couch for your motorbike?


  1. When Burris was seated, there was no public evidence that he had been involved in shady deals with Blago. Everyone thought he had chosen Burris as a final way to have his say in this situation without picking someone involved with the discussions he was being investigated for.

    As for as the law goes, it was fully within the governor's power to appoint him, and it wasn't within the Senate's power to refuse to seat him, so there's not really anything they could legally do, even if they didn't like the fact that he was still getting to appoint someone.

    But now there's an ethical issue that Burris himself had been involved with, and I do think the Senate has the authority to unseat him. It's curious that they haven't, especially given that with him (and without Franken) the Democrats need more senators to break a filibuster than they would if they only had a Senate of 98 people. It makes me wonder if the only thing keeping him there is that he's black.


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