Autism Awareness My...

Today, April Fool's Day, marks the beginning of "autism awareness" month. How appropriate. I was composing a somewhat snarcastic post bemoaning the complete lack of awareness of autism that is consistently demonstrated during this month of awareness but I just didn't have it in me. I hate repeating myself so this will likely be the extent of my autism awareness month special blogging unless Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield and the other usual fear mongering suspects say something more foolish than usual. Long and short of it: vaccines do not cause autism no matter how fervently some believe that it must be so. All those pricey therapies that people are pedaling are worthless. Save your money for your kid's college education. Autistic individuals are not lost, stolen, poisoned, damaged, broken or any other such thing. They are people worthy of the respect and consideration due them as human beings made in the image of God.

Here's some linky love of some stuff I've read recently as a thank you for reading this far.
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  1. so, yeah i agree...i have yet to even pretend to write an awareness blog this month.


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