A reader of the blog (can I call you a groupie? I really want a groupie) sent this to me.

  • First thoughts: [Embarrassed silence.] Umm, what?

  • Second thoughts: Are you kidding me? Jesus Obama is not your home boy! He is the President of the United States of America! Act like you know.

  • Third thoughts: This is worthy of broadcast because why? Politically incorrect? Not really. Painfully silly? Yeah you betcha.

  • Fourth thoughts: I am so glad that I have other options for getting news. CNN is painful to behold. Like watching teenage girls giggle and whisper behind their hands about the cute boys. Except that you cut those girls some slack because they are young and will, eventually, grow up. I don't know what the deal with CNN is.

  • UpDate: Hope and Change. Swagga used to end with "er" and used to be a bad thing. Now that'schange you can believe in.


    1. May I mention the many commentaries about Bush being someone you want to drink a beer with?

      Or, how about Bush clearing land on his ranch and how that made him a man's man?

      Now, we add swaggah to the list.

    2. Have you got footage of journalists acting the fool like this over President Bush? Otherwise I don't see how that's relevant.

    3. I think Bill Kristol saying Bush is someone who people want to drink a beer with is acting the fool. Do I have video footage of it? No. Did it happen? Yes.

    4. You should check the update. I put it up special just for you. And you are missing the point of the post by the way. Read again, setting aside your desire to school me about how so and so on the other side did X,Y and Z too, and see if you can't find it.


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