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Monday Morning Minutes

Back after an unplanned break. So...
  1. Nancy Pelosi taking pot shots at the CIA? Really? I know that they regularly take one for the team but the CIA knows how to fight dirty (if they don't we're in bigger trouble than I thought). My money is on the CIA in this fight.

  2. Drought, Politics Trouble Farmers In California. Why is it that when there is a dispute over water farmers (the ones responsible for growing the food you stuff your face with every day) get shafted? Why turn around and complain about how much food costs if you're going to do stuff that ruins crops or keeps farmers from planting enough to meet your demands? Trying to portray as "greedy" farmers who want enough water to keep their crops alive long enough to harvest them suggests a complete disconnect from what the lives of farmers are actually like. Why aren't the people who live in an arid climate but want to act like they live in a rain forest not the greedy ones? In the long run cheap food is more important to me than a green lawn in the desert, a full pool, a clean car, and 20 minute showers everyday. But that's just me.

  3. People are still flipping out about swine flu. At this rate I almost expect roving gangs of health officials to start accosting small children with runny noses out of fear they may be carrying the virus.

  4. I found it interesting that just as the Sri Lankan government started their final push to defeat separatist Tamil Tigers we suddenly started getting all these stories about how the conflict was hurting civilians and maybe the Sri Lankan government should pull back and not be so hard on the rebels for the sake of the people they'd been holding hostage all these years. Well the Sri Lankan government bit the bullet and forged ahead despite the bad press they were getting. Now they are claiming to have killed the leader of the Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka Claims Victory, Rebel Leader Killed.
    The announcement sparked mass celebrations around the country, and people poured into the streets of Colombo dancing and singing.

    Prabhakaran's death has been seen as crucial in bringing closure to this war-wracked Indian Ocean island nation. If he had escaped, he could have used his large international smuggling network and the support of Tamil expatriates to spark a new round of guerrilla warfare here.

    "Myself and most of my friends gathered here have narrowly escaped bombs set off by the Tigers. Some of our friends were not lucky," said Lal Hettige, 47, a businessman celebrating in Colombo's outdoor market. "We are happy today to see the end of that ruthless terrorist organization and its heartless leader. We can live in peace after this."
    I wonder what they would be the news in Sri Lanka today if the government had responded to the bad press by delaying their advance.

  5. For those contemplating the greatness (or not) of a national health care system (or not), contemplate this (which I believe refers to this) and this.


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