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There Will Be Blood

As I failed to fall asleep in the wee hours this morning I heard the news on NPR that Justice David Souter will be retiring from the Supreme Court. I would have liked for President Obama to have a little more experience under his belt before he had to make a decision like this. I think what is about to go down will make the Roberts and Alito confirmation processes look like slumber parties. Obama doesn't have a good track record so far when it comes to choosing individuals to serve in public office.


  1. [quote]I think what is about to go down will make the Roberts and Alito confirmation processes look like slumber parties. [/quote]

    Why do you say this?

    With 60 votes in the Senate there is not a damned thing the opposition can do anything to stop any candidate that Obama picks.

    My primary hope is that he will not choose someone who is willing to make the case for the INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE in the context of diversity. (See the New Haven case)

  2. Because the opposition is pissed and has got nothing to lose. Because elected officials will have their constituents breathing down their necks about Obama's choice. Because Obama's choices for other posts so far have been sub par. Anybody who just rolls over for Obama's choice in this matter will have that hung about their necks like a lead life preserver. I'm sure there will be some who wish to give payback for the Roberts and Alito hearings. It's not like anybody in DC has been working hard at building any bridges. Gleefully burning perhaps but certainly not building.

    By New Haven case I assume you mean the suit filed because firefighter test scores were thrown out because not enough black people passed the test? I would have a similar hope to yours. I'm not expecting Obama to choose anyone I would agree with on, well, anything but I hope he acquires enough political savvy not to step in it like that.

  3. Sad that people are now selected on the basis of their race and their sex, rather than their accomplishments and abilities and knowledge and intelligence - period.

    But - that's the way it is today, particularly in the Democratic Party.

  4. But - that's the way it is today, particularly in the Democratic Party.Steele was selected RNC chair, why?

    J.C. Watts was made 3rd in command when he was in the GOP, why?

    George Bush's half-Hispanic nephew was made head of "Latino outreach" when Bush was running, why?

    The first two's efforts were infamously underwhelming.

  5. [quote]Steele was selected RNC chair, why?[/quote]

    Excuse me.
    I thought that Michael Steele CAMPAIGNED FOR the chairmanship.

    He was ELECTED after 5 or 6 rounds of voting after a contentious fight.

    [quote]The first two's efforts were infamously underwhelming.[/quote]

    DarkStar - Fannie Lou Hammer didn't do too well at the Democrat's first pass.

    At least Michael Steele is allowed his seat AT the table of the RNC. The Democrats asked liberal Hubert Humphrey to come out and tell the "Black lady" that she was not going to be able to be seated in any sort of official capacity but that she would be allowed to sit in the stands.

    STILL I ASK, DARKSTAR - with EVERY SINGLE VOTING DISTRICT with 35%+ of a Black vote BEING CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS.....why are we talking so much about the REPUBLICANS???


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