Monday Minutes

  1. We wait with baited breath to see if the Iranian people will take their government back and make it do their bidding. We've been told that the Iranians are a peaceful people who just want to do right by their families same as we do. I sincerely hope that is the case and I hope they succeed. Iran's Supreme Leader Orders Probe Of Election

  2. It's official. New York's State Senate has confirmed what we have long suspected. They are a bunch of self serving clowns. Never mind the state is on the edge of a financial melt down. Never mind that state residents have the highest tax burden in the COUNTRY. No, our politicians just had to behave like a bunch of over tired children because they could not have their way. Thanks guys! Way to look out for the people of this state!
    Revolt in Albany
    Political Stand Off In State Senate Continues
    More Gridlock In NY State Senate
    The latest news is that one of the feckless characters has gone back to his side of the aisle.


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