Monday Minutes

  1. With the apology issued by the US Senate for slavery last week it seems that baseball is being surpassed by apologizing as the national pass time.

  2. This (from the article linked above) raises a few questions.
    The resolution, which passed on a voice vote late in the day, was sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), a white Jew who represents a majority-black district in Memphis. Cohen tried unsuccessfully to join the Congressional Black Caucus this year.
    1. Why would a white guy want to join the CBC?

    2. Why would the CBC reject someone who represents a majority-black district in a major city?

    3. How does joining the CBC serve the interests of a representatives constituents?

    4. Does the CBC actually do anything worthwhile?

    Cohen faces a tough fight against airline lawyer Nikki Tinker, who is black, in the Democratic primary Aug. 7.
    Oh, never mind. This is just race pandering politics as usual.

  3. Interesting how, despite our President's tepid responses to the protests of the Iranian people, America is still being blamed for the Iranian people being dissatisfied with the tyranny of their leaders. That Great Satan boogieman is just too good a scapegoat to give up not matter what we do. Might as well be guilty of what they accuse us of and meddle away.


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