Monday Minutes

Back from my vacation and ready to comment on the craziness in the world. So...
  1. North Korea has been shooting off missiles left and right and kidnapping American journalists (remember them?) as a cover for the fact that the dear leader is dieing of pancreatic cancer. They put me so much in mind of a small terrified child that doesn't want to take its medicine.

  2. Like a friend said, this is how you make new racists. Idiots. The follow up story doesn't make anything clearer or sound better. The comments on that second story are a hoot as well. I wonder how much of that bluster those people have in real life?

  3. I found this story about Iraqis being disgruntled that they are still seeing US service men and women on their streets amusing in light of the stories (here's just one) about the bombs that keep going off in their streets.


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