Flag@whitehouse.gov Disabled

I'm a bit late to this party but my first response upon hearing that the powers that be in the White House finally got a clue and closed up shop on their fishing for "fishy" information my first thought was simply, good. My second thought was, didn't anyone on the President's staff see what a bad idea the whole thing was in the first place? As aggravated as the American people are why would anyone think it a good idea to ask them to inform on each other to the White House? The terms tin ear and tone deaf are coming to my mind as I contemplate the whole thing.

For the moment the White House seems to have gotten off lightly. Commenting on the first post I wrote about President Obama's attempts to utilize the internet to interface with citizens I said, "As far as the Obama admin. utilizing web tech now I think they're setting themselves up to be mauled by the tiger they're trying to ride when they try stunts like this." Flag@whitehouse.gov will hang over President Obama's head for quite some time.


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