The New Magnificent Seven

The Senate dealt a blow to ACORN Monday evening, voting to deny the Department of Housing and Urban Development from granting funds to the community organization.

Sen. Mike Johanns’s (R-Neb.) amendment to the appropriations bill providing funding to the department passed in a bipartisan, 83-7 vote.

It’s the latest in a series of recent setbacks for ACORN, which has come under increasing fire from conservative activists and lawmakers. Over the last several weeks, the organization has seen employees in Florida arrested for allegedly taking part in voter registration fraud and has watched as the Census Bureau decide to sever its ties with the group.

And in an embarrassing turn of events, Acorn employees were caught on hidden camera divulging advice to actors portraying a prostitute and her pimp on how to file tax forms.

Note that ACORN employees have been caught on tape doing this FOUR times now. The makers of these apes claim to have even more.

But about those seven who voted against the amendment to deny ACORN more HUD funding. Democrats everyone and some notorious ones at that.
Illinois Sen. Roland Burris
Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin
New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

One would think that out of a desire to preserve their political lives these senators wouldn't want to be seen as being supportive of a group caught on tape giving advice that would enable illegal activity. I was surprised that while New York Sen. Schumer had the political acumen to vote for this amendment Hillary Clinton's replacement Kirsten Gillibrand voted against it. So what would possess these seven to attach themselves to ACORN's sinking ship?


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